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Module 1: Source Credibility

The purpose of Module 1 is to help your further develop your evaluation of sources and be certain that you know how to navigate scholarly sources.

You will use the content from this module to help expand your development of the evaluation section of your annotated bibliography entries, and to ensure that you have the TWO scholarly sources that you need for the AB for Project 3, part 1.

For Monday before class: watch the videos below, submit your brief response on the Google Form, and review the in-class task so that you know what you'll be working on during class on Monday. If you do not watch/read the modules closely, you will be totally lost on Monday and classtime will be frustrating and unproductive. So please make sure you stay on top of watching these modules before class.


Watch these videos in order to complete this day's module [Links forthcoming]

If you've arrived at Module 1 without doing the Intro, you're probably feeling a little lost. But watch this intro to get a sense of what's going on (and go back and complete the Introductory Module

Video 1: Scholarly vs. Popular / Common Mistakes / Formatting

Video 2: MLA Citation for AB

(Start video at 4:45 to cover information for "container 2")

Announcements Video (Available Sunday Evening -- See Introductory Announcements for the most recent update.

Brief Response

Respond to the brief lecture response here on this Google Form for Module 1.

Also, if you haven't do so yet, make sure you submit your brief response to the Introductory module here.

In-Class Task

Video 3: Activity Overview Video

Mini Workshop: Development of Credibility

For this exercise, be sure to bring the following to class: (1) A copy -- either electronically or on paper -- of your annotation draft as it is now. (2) Access (or printed) at least one if not both of your scholarly sources, and copies (or access to) your additional sources for P3, part 1. (3) If you have a laptop, it might be a good idea to start bringing it to class with you each day to get writing done. If you don't have a laptop, consider checking one out at the library. In the very least, bring the means to work on your projects during classtime.