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Module 2: Thesis Statements & Claims

The purpose of Module 2 is remind you about project 3, part 2 and begin understanding how we will make claims for our researched arguments.

You will use the content from this module to help draft your thesis statement in class on Wednesday, and to begin moving from inquiry (merely finding out about a topic) into claims (making a debatable claim for a stakeholder audience) for Project 3, part 2.

For Wednesday before class: watch the videos below, submit your brief response on the Google Form, and review the in-class task so that you know what you'll be working on during class. If you do not watch/read the modules closely, you will be totally lost in class, and classtime will be frustrating and unproductive. So please make sure you stay on top of watching these modules before class.


Watch these videos in order to complete this day's module.

Video 1: Introducing Project 3, Part 2

Video 2: Thesis Statements for Project 3, Part 2

Announcements Video

Announcements 1: What's happening with Project 4? (Sound cuts off at the end, see announcements 2)

Announcements 2 (Schedule - the sound cut off in Video 1)

Brief Response

Respond to the brief lecture response here on this Google Form for Module 2.

Also, if you haven't do so yet, make sure you submit your brief response to the Introductory module here.

In-Class Task

In class, you will draft your thesis statement. Write 2-3 versions and choose the one that best aligns with the effective thesis statement tips in video 2.

Mini Workshop:Thesis Statement "Speed Dating: we'll arrange the desks in two rows facing each other. Instructor Brookshier will set a time, you will share your theses (plural of thesis: bonus vocab word!) with each other and offer feedback/discuss. You'll then move over and chat with a new person. We'll do this for 10-15 minutes for you to get some solid feedback/get a chance to talk through your research.

For this exercise, be sure to bring the following to class: (1) Something to write on. (2) Access to your sources/information for Project 3 to begin drafting your thesis statements.